Specifications - Fibre Optic Patchcords

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All the Patchcords supplied are fully tested. Multimode are visually inspected X 400 and Insertion loss tested, while Singlmode are visually inspected X 400, Insertion Loss, Backreflection and interformeter tested.

All the connectors and cable used in the patchcords are fully compliant with international standards.  The cable in the patchcords is LSZH and can be either 2mm or 2.8mm. Various Colour cables are available, the following are the starnd types we use, but other types and coloure are available

Singlemode Zipcord : Yellow
Singlemode Minizip cord: Yellow
50/125 Zipcord : Orange
50/125 Minizip cord : Orange
62.5/125 Zipcord : Orange or Grey
62.5/125 Minizip cord : Orange or Grey
OM3 Zipcord : Aqua

Insertion Loss & Backreflection

All Patchcords are fully tested before shipping.

Multimode Patchcords are Visually Checked ( x 400) and tested for Insertion Loss

Singlemode Patchcords are Visuall Checked ( x 400), Tested for Insertion Loss, Backreflection and Interfermeter Tested


Test Condition



Insertion Loss

Against Master Cord





Against Master Cord




Against Master Cord




Against Master Cord


Interformeter Tests


All connectors are tested for Radius of Curvature, Offset and Protrusion or Undercut.

Radius Of Curvature (PC)                                12 - 25mm

Radius of Curvature (APC)                               5 - 12mm

Offset                                                            < 50um

Protrusion/Undercut                                        +/- 50nm

Angle (APC)                                                   8 Degrees +/- 0.3

Visual Inspection

All connectors are visually inspected on a  x 400 video microscope for scratched pits of end face damage. Any end face with scratches, pits or damage is repolished to remove any damage so as to ensure low insertion loss and good back reflection.

Duplex Configuration

All our Duplex Patchcords are manufactured with crossover as standard(see diagram). Please state if you need patchcords with straight through configuration.

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